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Author Topic: Beer Nuts  (Read 2175 times)

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Richard Bradwardyn

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Beer Nuts
« on: Dec 27, 01, 08:35:18 am CST »

A guy was watching the game, drinking a few beers and popping beer nuts into his mouth, when his wife began yelling at him. He turned his head toward her and accidentally popped a beer nut into his ear. Both him and his wife tried and tried but neither could get it out. All right she said, lets get you to the hospital. As they walked outside their daughter and her boyfriend walked up and she asked, where are you and dad going. The mother said, we're off to the hospital, your father has a beer nut caught in his ear. The boyfriend then asked, before you go can I try to dislodge it. The boyfriend then stuck two fingers up the fathers nose and told him to blow. The father blew and out popped the beer nut. The mother then asked the father, our daughters boyfriend is so intelligent, what do you think he'll be when he grows up. The father replied, by the smell of his fingers, our son-in-law.
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Beer Nuts
« Reply #1 on: Dec 27, 01, 10:46:40 am CST »

ROTFL!! Ewwww that was funny! LOLOL

sick and funny

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Beer Nuts
« Reply #2 on: Dec 30, 01, 01:19:03 am CST »

yep and now i do call him dad.
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