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Author Topic: Charizmatic Candle Light  (Read 1735 times)

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Charizmatic Candle Light
« on: Jan 21, 02, 07:16:11 pm CST »

My friends... I'm well aware that this isn't one of my best... but I still feel like sharing...
Hope you enjoy... and feel free to tell me what you think...

Charizmatic Candle Light

I lite the candles, above my bed
and marvle at the glow
it feels like angels overhead
I let my smile show

I lie down atop the quilt,
that seems so soft the touch
deep inside my feelings wilt
It's almost all too much

The moon beams carry melody
through the window pane
it looks so very heavenly,
I feel whole again

You lie down, atop my body
that quivers beneth your own
inside I must seem so needy
but outside all alone

So your body gently guides mine
to another place
I feel so lost inside time
as I gaze unto your face

Then a fire burst inside
and scream I surely did
no more feelings need I hide,
for all evil had I rid

And much more I don't remember,
just the candles glow
for at that moment I surendured,
and now It's all I know.

Sing as if no one was listening
Dance as if no one was watching
And live every day as if it were your last.

Walkin' in a Wiccan Wonderland

The finishing touch The Twisted Trio (A proud seeker of The Purple Lemonade)
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