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Author Topic: - Lundegaard Armoury sword/saber for sale  (Read 1642 times)

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- Lundegaard Armoury sword/saber for sale
« on: Jul 31, 02, 01:51:08 pm CDT »

I have an older model Griffon hilt saber from Lundegaard Armoury for sale.  This was bought a while ago. It is the Griffon hilt with the annoying saddle-horn one it.  I am sure the saddle-horn(s) can be filed down.  The pommel is a claw holding a polished green stone (for the life of me I cannot remember what type I had placed in it.  The handle is brown leather wrap over wood.  The blade is a  short curved saber.  The blade needs some cleaning and I will be cleaninf it up best I can before the item is sold.  This sword will soon be going up on E-bay if I do not hear anything from posting here.  Make me an offer that is fair and I shouldn't refuse...  If you have questions or would like to have picture(s) of it, please e-mail me at [email protected] Please title the e-mail with something ragarding interest in the sword on IBRSC or something, otherwise it might end up deleted as possible spam...

The sword does not have a scabbard.

I also have a brass hilted "Agincourt" broadsword with scabbard.  If interested in this sword, please e-mail me at the above e-mail.  this sword will also be hiting E-bay if I get no response from here.  Same deal,  make me a fair offer I shouldn't refuse..  the "againcourt" sword also needs a good blade cleaning. I will do the best I can before I sell it.


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Replying to Topic '- Lundegaard Armoury sword/saber for sale
« Reply #1 on: Jul 31, 02, 02:44:07 pm CDT »

I'm interested.. sent you an e-mail titled "Griffon Rider"
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