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Author Topic: A Drinking Song  (Read 1871 times)

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A Drinking Song
« on: Jun 30, 02, 06:59:42 pm CDT »

A Drinking Song

Give us a jug of your rowdiest brew
As we tell you a tale to attest to our might
My first mate and I can out-drink your whole crew
And drinks are on me till I spill them on you
The barkeep looks fearful. What should he do?
Bring out more glasses! We're drinking tonight!

The women are gorgeous to my way of thinking
And we'll need companions to last through the night
Some spirited girls who won't mind that we're drinking
Who won't be too jealous about where we're winking
And mostly: Who won't stop us till we're all stinking!
We wants the redhead! We're drinking tonight!

See that big ugly guy there at the table?
He's sitting there looking like he wants to fight
Soon as you're ready and soon as I'm able
(I'm not going to brawl till the floor gets more stable)
We'll tie that big sissy-boy up like a cable
Ask for no quarter! We're drinking tonight!

Hey lady! You're beautiful! Come sleep with me!
Was that shiver with pleasure, disgust or delight?
C'mon, it's a bar! How young could you be?
I'm much too far plastered to ask for I.D.
And a bird in the bush beats the hand out at sea!
Lock up your daughters! We're drinking tonight!

Shell out the good stuff, Bring me some beernuts,
Turn off that rap shit and turn down the lights.
Hide all the livestock and show us the bathrooms.
Don't start us giggling. We're drinking tonight!

-Amergin de la Barracuda
Amergin de la Barracuda
Pater Bizzarro of the Church of the Jolly Roger
A Pyrate of the Carabiner, ODK
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Replying to Topic 'A Drinking Song'
« Reply #1 on: Jul 10, 02, 11:42:46 am CDT »

hail and Huzah Amergin,
Sounds like a few after canon parties I've been to.
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her ears!

I love the smell of Wenches in the morning!

Be easy and free when you're drinking with me. I'm a man you don't meet every day.
Safe Home!
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