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Gov't sanctioned cleansing

Hell yes, and I'll pull the trigger
- 1 (10%)
Absolutely, better safe than sorry
- 1 (10%)
Only if its proven he/she/it is a threat
- 7 (70%)
No, we have to use the law and diplomacy
- 1 (10%)
No, we might offend some really rich country we su
- 0 (0%)
No, that'd be wrong and make us like them
- 0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 9

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Author Topic: Gov't sanctioned cleansing  (Read 1274 times)

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Gov't sanctioned cleansing
« on: Jul 31, 02, 08:48:49 am CDT »

As I speak, it seems Osama\'a eldest son is stepping into daddy\'s sandals.  Question is this:  Should we prememptively start lopping off the head of the hydra on a regular basis, and be damned with due process?


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Replying to Topic 'Gov't sanctioned cleansing'
« Reply #1 on: Jul 31, 02, 10:52:24 am CDT »


Mornin' Slayers and Slayerettes,

If ever there was a period in our history where Mr. Dragon should have Clint go mountain climbing-it's now.  Due process????  I don't thinks so-not now.  For whatever reason there is still a sizeable portion of our population that thinks that if we "just keep trying" we'll bring those globally who hate our society into "reasonable and civilized discussion". That's just wrong-dead wrong.  And it's not only naive, it's smug and oblivious to global and cultural history.  Our enemies aren't waiting to become "Americans-in-training"; they see a problem that they want removed(us) and act(9/11).  Sadly, it's at the point where the only "American" idea that will enter their mind is a new .338 Winchester Magnum design from Sierra Ammunition.
And honestly-if we look at other conflicts where the parties have FAR more in common the we do now(Ulster, The West Bank, Sri Lanka), do we seriouslly think "reason" is going to prevail???  Wouldn't it be better to leave those who despise us leaderless, disorganized, fearful of taking charge, on the defensive, never knowing who's next.....?????

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Replying to Topic 'Gov't sanctioned cleansing'
« Reply #2 on: Jul 31, 02, 06:44:18 pm CDT »

I have to agree with General Patton:

"Your job is NOT to die for your country. You job is to make the other poor son-of-a-bitch die for HIS!"

I think we should all learn to get along and play nice. Those that won't learn, can explain to their Creator why it was that we sent them Home early. If someone MUST die, I'd rather it was them instead of us.

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Replying to Topic 'Gov't sanctioned cleansing'
« Reply #3 on: Jul 31, 02, 11:42:51 pm CDT »

Anyone that knows anything about the Middle East mindset in general and Holy Wars in particular will know that once Jihad is declared, any discussion or debate is over.  The war is on until one side surrenders or is exterminated.  We should all remeber this for future reference.  I say, know thine enemy and do what is necessary.  WHATEVER that may be.  Can anyone say "black ops"?
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