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Author Topic: In Search of a costume maker  (Read 1434 times)

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In Search of a costume maker
« on: Oct 25, 02, 04:30:03 pm CDT »

Hey all,

I am in a desperate search for someone who can sew and make
costumes really really well. Someone who is interested in making some
money. Six months ago I had two diferent people saying they would
make me two different items, and I, in good faith of friendship, gave
these two payments UPFRONT for the items I wanted. And now 6 months
later, I still have neither item. I am very very pissed off.
Now I am in search of someone who, when they say they will make
something for me, they will get it made, and get it done fast, but
with quality. But I will pay when serves are rendered. I need a
Uniform made from the Sci-Fi T.V. show "Babylon 5" I can provide my
measurements and picture of what the uniforn looks like and what
materials are needed. I just do not have a sewing machine, and do not
how to sew.
So Please, if ANYONE can help me, I would really, really, really
appreciate it.

Thanks all.
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Replying to Topic 'In Search of a costume maker'
« Reply #1 on: Oct 31, 02, 12:09:30 pm CST »

We recently had some items made and altered by a woman that lives here in So Cal.  She made a bodice and three skirts for my wife, and put pockets on the inside of my Pendragon doublet for me.  Everything came out VERY well.  She makes sure to put all the right boning in all the right places in the bodices.  I only comment on that because it is the worst shortcoming I see is so many people's work.

Anyway, her work has been excellent and her prices fair.  I'm not sure if I, personally, would feel comfortable using someone out of my area, but if you are interested in this gal's contact info let me know.  I had planned on posting it here, but I find I grabbed the wrong business card.  Sorry.
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