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Author Topic: Whatya want for Christmas, etc  (Read 3562 times)

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Whatya want for Christmas, etc
« Reply #20 on: Dec 06, 02, 02:50:11 pm CST »


Problem with me having fun with Mr. Wrongs is that I have to actually *like* a guy in order to screw them.

Haven't met one yet, that liking be damned, I'd just have a one night throw down with.

Guess being so damn picky and wanting what I want is my curse.....
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Whatya want for Christmas, etc
« Reply #21 on: Dec 06, 02, 10:29:35 pm CST »

Quote from: "StrawberryTart"
Quote from: "Jade"

tube of true blue red lipstick, cannot find it anywhere

MAC Viva Glam (A28, I think) is a true 1940's blue toned matte red lipstick.  It's what I wear when I want to wear RED.  Just be sure to get the lip liner, because dark MAC colors tend to bleed and feather.

For me?  I'd like to not have to worry about bills.  On a purely fantastical note, a car.  A new car.  Heck, any car that's small and runs and I don't have to pay for.  And opals.  Big honking opals with lots of fire in them.
A guy to "stuff my stocking" wouldn't hurt either!   ::cwm3::

Hmmm, what would Santa do if I offered him something besides milk and cookies??  LOL!

I'm sure Santa would be pleased in getting something besides milk and cookies, muwahahahahahahahaha!  Thanks for the info on lipstick, but where would I get MAC cosmetics???? Me's in NC, not too much in dept stores here.

I did think of a few other things I wanted for Christmas: A purple velvet dress with long sleeves, deep V neck, and floor length with a split up the side to about knee level.
For my hubby: To be able to find a plum crazy purple men's button up dress shirt, 100% silk, size 2X. Trust me, I have looked EVERYWHERE, finding it one place was a miracle, but I wasn't wanting to pay $169 for it.
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