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Author Topic: Ladies, ever get that stinging sensation? Carol has!  (Read 10638 times)

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Ladies, ever get that stinging sensation? Carol has!
« on: Dec 05, 02, 08:25:32 pm CST »

stole dis from HERE

SOLO Experiences
Title:  Don't Do This At Home!
Author: Carol

A large part of me still cannot believe I was so stupid as to do what I'm going to tell you about but we go through impressionable phases and at the time it made sense to me.

When I was about 14 I was really into thrill seeking and trying new sensations in a sexual way. I'd had sex its self and wasn't impressed. I'd used a vibrator and it was OK and I'd tried all sorts of things I'd heard about (water jets, pillow humping, door edge rubbing etc). One thing that I did rather like was moderate pain. I frequently used a 9 volt battery on myself for the prickly sting it gave and I liked (and still do) a smearing of toothpaste on my vulva as that smarts and feels hot. Being bored and looking for the next thrill I came upon an article about, if I remember rightly, an alternative therapy for MS involving snake vennom. In the article patients claimed significant relief from their conditions and reported the rush from the serum as being 'electrifying'. Now I live in the UK and we don;t really have snakes (thank God) and the only nasties are stinging nettles, bees and wasps. Things ticked over in my head for a while and I got fixated on the idea of stinging my clitoris for the thrill. I smuggled a small branch of nettles into the house and administered a swipe. It was like the battery feeing in some ways but obviously it lasted longer and removing the thing didn't ease the sensation. I quite liked the feeling I got though and was inspired to try something further.

It was a while before I progressed the idea further but one day I was in the garden and got thinking about wasps. I'd caught the things in jars as a kid and I reckoned that if I caught one I could get a sting where I wanted it. I set a trap of a milk bottle (glass bottle with a neck about 1.5 inches across) with some sugar water in the bottom. Very quickly I had a very angry wasp stuck in the bottle and I popped some cling film over the bottle to stop it escaping. I sneaked into the house and went upstairs to my room. I dropped my pants, spread my legs a bit, whipped the cling film off and pushed the neck of the bottle onto my upper vulva so that my clitoris was fully exposed to the wasp. It was impossible to get the thing to fly up. It was wet and stuck in the bottom of the bottle, so I sat on the edge of my bed and lay back so that the bottle could be upended without losing contact. The liquid hit me first then I felt the movement of the wasp but still no sting. The water was trickling out and soon the wasp wasn't swimming anymore. I shook the bottle and my hips a bit and that did it. WHAM it stung me. No on my clitoris but just below it. God it hurt. I reacted by removing the bottle and letting the soggy insect fall on the floor but I couldn't car. The pain was amazing and it didn't ease for ages. I couldn't touch myself for a couple of days and walked like a duck to prevent my thighs causing discomfort. Needless to say I never did that again but we all live and learn.

(Webmaster's note: I debated publishing this contribution because of the danger that would be involved in attempting these (or similar) techniques. I decided that it should be published because one purpose of this site is to allow people to explore each other's sexual habits. My main message is that anything one wants to do is alright, provided that does not harm oneself or others. The practices described in this contribution are pushing the limits of this belief. Please follow Carol's advice and don't try this at home!)


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Ladies, ever get that stinging sensation? Carol has!
« Reply #1 on: Dec 06, 02, 10:02:13 pm CST »

:shock:    OMG that was wrong!!!!!!!! If a girl wants to use toothpaste in that manner, ok it's weird but not the weirdest thing I've heard of, but using a frelling wasp??? That has to hurt like hell, but maybe that's why I would be scared of getting that particular part of my body pierced. I know it's just the hood they pierce, but still yet, that's tender flesh down there.
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Ladies, ever get that stinging sensation? Carol has!
« Reply #2 on: Dec 08, 02, 05:43:28 am CST »

*Crosses legs and just shudders at the thought*

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Ladies, ever get that stinging sensation? Carol has!
« Reply #3 on: Dec 08, 02, 08:31:57 pm CST »

OK - let's remember two things about "Carol."  First, she was 14 at the time of her misguided experimentation.  She'd already had sex and found it unsatisfying ... well duh.  Second, she's English ...

Need I say more?   :P

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