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Author Topic: Show Me Your Wound!  (Read 4427 times)

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Show Me Your Wound!
« on: Dec 20, 02, 07:18:07 pm CST »

this aint for the squeamish.     i'm not kidding.



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Show Me Your Wound!
« Reply #1 on: Dec 23, 02, 01:33:43 am CST »

well not bad but i have seen better....
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Show Me Your Wound!
« Reply #2 on: Dec 23, 02, 02:30:40 pm CST »

Geeze - stupid me, I never have a camera around when my sons do something stupid, icky, and bloody ...

My youngest son had a tantrum about something this summer and went running from his brother, in the dark, down by the creek which has had flood control work done in the form of old concrete and exposed rebar ...
result?  About a 4-inch long, 1/2-inch deep gash in his calf which he (screaming) assured me didn't require a trip to the ER.  18 stitches and $1400 later ...

My older son decided to get a midnight snack from the kitchen without turning on the light and somehow up-ended the butcher knife along his wrist - and didn't tell me until hours later when he called me from the ER of the hospital my insurance DIDN'T cover.  By the time he checked out of there and went to the right hospital - the wound was too old to suture.  Lessee - ka-ching - ER bill $900.

Moral of the story:  ER services, $2,300; gas to get to the hospital $4; cell phone bill from wrong ER - $5; bandaging supplies $40; ruined blood bath towels - $15; Screaming, crying, stress and near-heartattack:  priceless.

da Baroness Vel

P.S.  Is it me, or were most of the wounds caused by stupid human tricks?
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