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Author Topic: Vaginal Teeth  (Read 1786 times)

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Vaginal Teeth
« on: Dec 27, 02, 07:27:22 pm CST »

Little Johnny was only six years old when he tried to feel his
sister's friend's pussy.
She slapped him and said not to because it has teeth and will bite.
As the years passed, and little Johnny one day grew to become a
man, he was sitting in his car with his girlfriend, rubbing her thighs
and squeezing her tits, when she said, "Aren't you going to feel my pussy?"
He said, "I can't, its got teeth!"
"Don't be a fool," she said, "have a look if you don't believe me."
So he thought about it, then took off her panties and spread her legs. He
looked in and said, "I'm not surprised you haven't got any teeth with gums
like that!"

"Idiots are fun. No wonder every village wants one."
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