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Author Topic: IMPORTANT..Market day at BERKA info  (Read 959 times)

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IMPORTANT..Market day at BERKA info
« on: Jan 24, 03, 04:45:10 pm CST »

(we were asked to forward this to any large on-line groups we are a part of.)

I've recently learned that if you access information about Birka via Yahoo or google search engines (and maybe some others as well) you will be directed to LAST YEAR's announcement.  It is the second hit listed.  Last year's announcement will give you the wrong date and even worse the WRONG location.  This year's Birka is at the Center of New Hampshire in Manchester NOT at Rockingham Park where it was last year.  
To get correct info on Birka - go to www.birka.org or access this year's annoucement through the east kingdom web page.
The kingdom web minister has already been notified about this problem and we hope it can be fixed.  In the meantime,  we'd like to get this message out to as many lists as possible.  If anyone reading this message could forward it to your local SCA email list,  we would greatly appreciate it.
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