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Author Topic: Ode to the Policeman  (Read 3008 times)

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Ode to the Policeman
« on: Feb 19, 03, 07:32:20 pm CST »

While moving, I found the following poem written a few years ago I thought I might share.

Ode to the Policeman

Gently the night falls upon the city
Like snowflakes on a winter's day
A star twinkles like a small street light
Illuminating the silken black sheet
A child cuddles up in his bed
Like a worm wriggling on a hook

The policemand hangs his hat on the hook
Taking a break from protecting the city
He would call his wife, she's in bed
It's been a tough day
He pulls his report sheet
And turns on the over-head light

When he's done, off goes the light
Takes his hat from the hook
Photocopies the report sheet
Places it in the basket marked "City"
Other reports lay underneath, from the precious day,
Making it look like a soft bed

That is where he should be, in bed
The only thing on would be the night light
But he has to work night and day
Children are the bait, money the hook
Everyone falls in love with this city
Even those with a rap sheet

Just before leaving, he checks the hot sheet
All the innocents are in bed
The criminals run the night in this city
Nothing worries them, not the police nor the light
Wishes he culd put them all on the meat hook
hand them in the square for a day

His shift draws to a close, a new day
The falling snow covers the city like a sheet
hang the uniform on the closet hook
Crawl into bed
They are all dim, the lights
The people wake to a clean city

As the day dwindles down, he rolls out of bed
He fixes the sheet as he turns on the light
Takes the uniform from the hook, prepares to defend the innocent city.
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