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Author Topic: A Sorry State of Affair  (Read 1861 times)

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A Sorry State of Affair
« on: Feb 19, 03, 07:40:09 pm CST »

I first drank of your beauty.
Almond eyes drew me in.
We collided like the surf and a rocky knoll.
You took my open hand.
A whirlwind of passion swallowed us
Embracing, caressing and panting.

Now sullen green eyes shed a solitary tear,
Trying to push me away.
Dialogue was the harbinger
The solitary threat to personal happiness.
That faceless rascal bamboozled you
Guilt, sorrow and fear gnaw away.

I never wanted to make such a choice.
Our impetuous act forced this question -
The hidded mark on your alabaster neck,
The "A" on your blouse
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