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Author Topic: wtf over??  (Read 1349 times)

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wtf over??
« on: Mar 04, 03, 05:58:14 am CST »

so I read in the current issue of Renaiscance magazine, that at some ren fiares some of the actors are trying to upstage each other, and in the Long Beach renfaire stell was drawn in anger.

 now i dont know where Im going with this, but WTF???? I can see if say, I meet up with gardo, and he's got a cool new sword, and he wants to show it off to me, No prob. but to have a deadly weapon drawn in anger, that takes a reall idiot.  as for the up staging, some of the people must have some frelled up thoughts/egos to have to do this. I never have played the politics game anywhere. so maybe its because of that, the fact I dont try to get ahead by making others look bad that it's hard for me to understand.
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wtf over??
« Reply #1 on: Mar 04, 03, 06:53:29 am CST »

Big fish in a very small pond syndrome. Upstaging is one thing, but jeez, bitch slap them after the show is over. No excuse for this.
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wtf over??
« Reply #2 on: Mar 04, 03, 09:33:42 am CST »

I know a several years ago some mook bought a starfire and pulled it when he got covered with mud at the mud show... This past year I watched a drunk sum bitch walk (weave?) by with a new starfire 2 bladed axe, rip of the cardboard off and start drunkenly swinging it as he walked down Spendpenny Lane...

I had the girls follow him and sent a guy to the info booth to grab the walkie talkies to tell security... They caught him about 2 minutes later...

people are VERY stupid....
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Re: wtf over??
« Reply #3 on: Mar 04, 03, 12:00:58 pm CST »

Quote from: "biker"
so maybe its because of that, the fact I dont try to get ahead by making others look bad that it's hard for me to understand.

Hey Biker didn't you know that that's the name of the game "I feel inadequate for one reason or another, so I'm going to trash someone else to make myself look better." Kind of like the very childish behavior we all saw in school and now see everywhere else, with people that are supposed to be adults. If you don't like someone, that is your right. Just don't associate with them, it's really that simple. I mean how hard is it not to run someone else into the ground just because deep down inside you feel like you're coming up short on something?

Maybe I am off topic here, but I just needed to vent.
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wtf over??
« Reply #4 on: Mar 04, 03, 12:39:58 pm CST »

OK - a word or 20 about actors vs. playtrons.  Performers ... actors, even the ones who play parts at ren faires are first and actors, which means they have delicate egos that need constant care like a hot-house flower.  Trust me, even the lowliest street beggar will fight to the death if they feel they're not being given their props - especially by other actors.  Ya wanna talk about drama ... well, it's all in the cast and it has nothing to do with the script.  It's the biggest problem I and my fellow entertainment managers have at faire - keeping the performer egos contained.

Inevitably real life drama is always under the surface within any cast, and all but the most professional, seasoned veteran lets it seep into their performance.  Sometimes it goes unnoticed, others it completely takes over their character and can destroy a scene, an entire day or the run of the faire if it isn't stopped.

Ren performers tend to be a small, incestuous little group of folks who know a bit too much about one another for anyone's good.  We know who's done whom, who's been done by whom, and just what buttons to push to get 'em.  Young performers generally have the most difficult time leaving real life emotions and actions at the front gate.  If Susie dumped Johnny for Tommy in real life, you can bet Johnny's beggar character is going to do something completely stupid to Tommy's court character in retaliation that's going to destroy the scenario storyline and endanger their positions with the faire and perhaps their personal safety.

But young people aren't the only ones who have the problem.  I've seen seasoned performers who've played roles from King/Queen to beggar bring their real life dramas right into their faire characters and worse yet, they try to garner support among other cast members by singing the blues about how wronged they've been.  I've seen casts divided by other people's problems and watched a show go down the drain because some idiot couldn't keep their ego in check and real life drama separate from the scripted kind.

I have seen live steel wielded by a performer as part of a real life conflict and am happy to report that they were not only immediately relieved of their weapon, but summarily dismissed and banned from faire and charged in municipal court with assault with a deadly weapon.

Our faire doesn't allow patron weapons on-site for liability and safety reasons.  It's unfortunate for those playtrons whose weaponry is part of their faire personna and it presents a fair number of enforcement challenges that I personally don't agree with.  But it does eliminate the stupid drunk patron element.

So - am *I* surprised that performers dropped character and got into a live steel fight?  Sadly, no.  I'd be surprised at a faire where it wasn't a constant threat - people being the idiots they are and actors being the egocentric idiots they are.  It just reinforces my own policy of not getting intimately involved with ren faire performers - after what I've seen over the years, one might as well conduct the relationship on stage for all the privacy you'll ever have.

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wtf over??
« Reply #5 on: Mar 07, 03, 02:26:08 am CST »

That's just downright idiocy to bring live steel into an emotional eruption like that at a family park. How jeuvenile. If they want to duel, they should do it somewhere else where others won't get hurt.
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