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Author Topic: travels in Tyme  (Read 2183 times)

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travels in Tyme
« on: Nov 14, 02, 05:37:54 pm CST »

ok im writing a play

Background - John a medievil stone mason drinks to much and passes out in gutter
wakes up in NYRF for one day than he drinks with the rogues and ends up drunk and back in medievil britan

first scene shows him at work than at bar than drunk in gutter

I need help with the second scene
his interaction with the danes and the "Normal" people of faire

lets start this up

John wakes up the next morning with the sun shining down upon him and a man picking him up
"up and adam buddy boy the faires about to open and you drank to much last night"
"aghh Ill be fine mi goodman just shuffle me off to mason lane"

Your turn
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Replying to Topic 'travels in Tyme'
« Reply #1 on: Nov 15, 02, 11:23:48 am CST »

"there ain't no Mason Lane  here. Ya can check with the directors assistant at check-in. Maybe he's on her list".
"It must've been some party last night on the campgrpund" Huh?
 then replies: me good friends and I were at the tavern by the crossroads last even'
"I know the one but I prefer the Rusty nail along Spendpeeny Lane.
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