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What is your prefered drink?

- 5 (12.5%)
- 2 (5%)
- 4 (10%)
- 5 (12.5%)
- 12 (30%)
Guinness (too good to be thrown in the beer category)
- 12 (30%)

Total Members Voted: 40

Voting closed: Apr 12, 03, 03:03:26 pm CDT

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Author Topic: Favorite Drink  (Read 11645 times)

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Alianore DeClare

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Favorite Drink
« Reply #80 on: Apr 10, 04, 02:14:30 pm CDT »

As I could only cast a vote for ONE, I had to pick the Guinness, but Mead is a close if not equal second....
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Paddy OFurniture

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Favorite Drink
« Reply #81 on: Apr 14, 04, 04:54:06 am CDT »

Quote from: "Duncan McGuyver"
Poor Fiona - I feel your pain on the Everclear, but luckly I live just across the line from MD where they do sell it.


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I just got exposed to Sangsters Creamed Rum - OMG is it to die for, It has got to be the Rum version of Crack. Only problem is it is $$$ to get in the US, you have to order it from Jamica

Sounds like your name should be Captain Dunkin Dodiabetic...KCB

or rather..KFC....
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