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Author Topic: Viking sword  (Read 1190 times)

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Viking sword
« on: Aug 22, 03, 10:40:56 am CDT »

I have yet another sharp pointy for sale..  It is house cleaning time here at the Lebeau hovel..  

Scramasax Seax Viking Sword Museum Replicas  Item number: 2188668564  

I will be posting several more toy's within the next few weeks..  some items to be included will be:

440 stainless wood handled dragon katana
Museum Replicas War Hammer (wooden shaft)
Scottish Targe w/removable shield spike
Pakistan short sword / Bayonet combo package
Plus misc shyte...

If interetsed in anything, e-mail me for pic's, price can be negotiated..
Artimis Lebeau

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