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Author Topic: Best costume  (Read 1161 times)

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Best costume
« on: Oct 10, 03, 09:45:03 am CDT »

What would be the best funny Coustume to wear to a renn fair, rember u would achualy have to be willing to wear it.  

mine would be ASH from army of darkness, it gose with the time period

Last Griffon

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« Reply #1 on: Oct 10, 03, 12:08:52 pm CDT »

That's funny, one of my buddies is building that costume now for that exact purpose (actually ordered the EXACT same chainsaw and has already gutted it).

For me, I'd have to go with the Black Knight from Monte Python.
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Best costume
« Reply #2 on: Oct 10, 03, 11:33:03 pm CDT »

Once A year at bristol we have a day of wrong, its a protest of managment with afun twist

I have seen the following
A very well done ash
A "beerbarian" in Ale Male
Darthmaul in chainmaille
A Kilt made out of a fishprint of some sort which placed in the costume contest because they where that short on entries
(liscense) Plate Mail (sir cumfrence of the lake)
a camoflage kilt with a blaze orange shirt (hunting tartan)
scottish KISS
barbarians with hula skirts and coconut bras
duct tape bodice
Holy grail style King arthur WITH squire AND coconuts (they did the fake gallop through faire all day)

outside of period we have had
storm troopers
fred flinstone
klingons (they where fairly common come gen con when it was held here)

this is the list off the top of my head

its something we have all learned to plan for
i am currently looking for the proper plaid for my next piece
a very famous scotsman
Ronald of Clan McDonald

so if anyone has an descent cheap plaid in red yellow and white it would help

Curben Justic
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