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Author Topic: Help out one of your own!!!  (Read 1155 times)

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Help out one of your own!!!
« on: Nov 26, 03, 08:49:31 am CST »

One of our lesser known Rogues is Fred LeBlanc of the band Cowboy Mouth from New Orleans ( Cowboymouth.com ).  The band has made a plea to help Fred get a makeover from Queer eye for the Straight Guy.

I say we help them out and let the show know that he is one of ours.  Below is the info from the e-mail I got.

(From Cowboy Mouth)
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy:
Update: We're on a mission to save Fred from his clothes! We've submitted a questionnaire from Fred answering many questions and we've also submitted a 'suggestion' email. Awaiting a response from the show.

Fan Help: Fans can help get Fred a Queer makeover by contacting the show at the link below.

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