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Author Topic: Strange question (not for the squemish) - opinions wanted.  (Read 3799 times)

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Strange question (not for the squemish) - opinions wanted.
« Reply #20 on: May 07, 04, 09:26:51 am CDT »

I went through this once several years ago. So I have some firs hand experience. A neighbor was walking her Shepard/Husky mix past my yard while I was out practicing some stage-fighting (rapier) when had walked by several times before I knew her and the dog with no problems, except on this one day the dog bolted from the leash an went for me (got me really good to (my back was to the street) she couldn't pull him off and he was headed towards my face (more likely my throat) so I used my left-hand and killed him. She sued me for, pain suffering, the works but the courts sided with me. She was required to pay medical charges (87 stitches).

From the way I understand it ANY animal can attack if it a choice between  you, your child/spouse haw can you act otherwise?
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Strange question (not for the squemish) - opinions wanted.
« Reply #21 on: May 07, 04, 09:46:01 am CDT »

you did right :( ... And frankly, it's her fucking fault for not being able to control her animal... I hope you got her for more than medical. Lost work, Court fees, etc...

GODS I can't stand people who can't comtrol their fucking animals...

sorry... pet peeve... (hah... I said pet)
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