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Author Topic: Cancer Walk  (Read 605 times)

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Cancer Walk
« on: Apr 21, 04, 12:30:23 pm CDT »

I'm not sure if this belongs here in the Alehouse, but Mage feel free to move it if there is a more appropriate place....

A VERY DEAR friend of mine is particiapting in the 60 mile, 3 day Breast Cancer walk in August.  Cliff's diagnosis back in October had a lot to do with her decision to do this.  Of course Cliff didn't have Breast Cancer, but did you know that most treatments for Pancreatic cancer are developed through Breast Cancer research?  Besides, Cancer need to be beaten in EVERY form.


She's been training really hard for this, I know I certainly couldn't do it!  So please if you can afford it and can find it in your heart, go to the site below and sponsor her...for whatever you can afford.


It's FOR a great cause and being done by a great lady!


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