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Author Topic: Bible teaser  (Read 14256 times)

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Bible teaser
« Reply #40 on: Jul 30, 04, 03:22:06 pm CDT »

The part that tripped me up was the Pole to Pole bit. Last time I looked the South Pole ran through a land mass and the North Pole passed through a nearly inpenetrable Ice Cap. To date only Man has been able to penetrate said Ice Cap. And then there is that LAND mass on the other end.

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Bible teaser
« Reply #41 on: Jul 30, 04, 04:32:53 pm CDT »

Quote from: "GreenLantern"
ok im mildly confused on these lines

Laboring hard by day and night, To give fallen mankind great light;
Many people who are young and old, by my death will great light behold

So, it wasn't to a reference to  this. Well, an explosion is a kind of a light, and if you read it quick, the falling part just kinda threw me off...Oh.
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