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Author Topic: Master Replicas Sting F/X sword for $39!!!  (Read 1480 times)

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Master Replicas Sting F/X sword for $39!!!
« on: Oct 11, 04, 01:06:05 pm CDT »

I shit you not - if you order a Sting F/X Sword from Master Replicas and give them discount code LD4-1455 you will get the sword replica for 65% off.  I just ordered one and the total bill was $39 plus tax.  If you wanted one but didn't want to blow the $$$ to get it now's your chance.  

I'd recommend calling them and giving the code first because I don't know how long the code will be good for.

http://www.masterreplicas.com/LOTR/LOTRProduct.aspx?sItemID=LR-200 call 1-866-REPLIKA.

--Product Information--
Sting Sword FX Collectible
No. of Items:  1
SubTotal:  $119.00
Shipping & Handling:  $14.95

Sales Tax(for CA and NJ only):  $2.34
Discounts:  $94.95 - discount for Promotional Code LD4-1455.
Total Order Amount:  $41.34
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