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Author Topic: What Clan are You quiz.....  (Read 5419 times)

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What Clan are You quiz.....
« Reply #20 on: Dec 09, 04, 06:00:27 pm CST »

Result    You scored as The Scorpion Clan.    

You are a member of the Scorpion Clan! You are a loyal friend, and are willing to do what must be done to help them. You are often misunderstood, and people find it hard to trust you, but your heart is in the right place.
The Scorpion Clan      94%

The Unicorn Clan   83%

The Crab Clan   72%

The Mantis Clan   67%

The Crane Clan   55%

The Lion Clan   50%

Ronin   50%

The Dragon Clan   39%

The Phoenix Clan   39%
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