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Author Topic: Again Closet Cleaning  (Read 962 times)

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Again Closet Cleaning
« on: Dec 29, 04, 01:28:03 am CST »

Ok, This is being reposted, but with more info added, AND, the Moresca Equinox Coat can be for a wench or a Rogue!!!!!

Ok, I now have the garb out and sitting here as I photograph it...

Now I need these gone, ASAP please....

I prefer a money order, but I will take whatever it takes, but if you send me a bad check, you will feel the wrath of my anger.....or if you ask to have the wrath for fun, I may charge you for that as well!!!

Now, Wolfstone. The skirt says size 18 and the cincher says 12. I am no skinny gal, but I wear them together. The cincher measures just above 36 inches end to end. The skirt measures 37inches at the waist and if needed, can be let out some because it has a double clasp at the waist. I have ;et it out before to the outer clasps and had no problems and it adds at least 3 inches to the waist. The colors on the pics do not do it justice at all! I believe I paid around 275 for this new from MDRF. I want offers made and the best one gets it. I have worn this maybe a collective 4 to 5 times, and very gentle wear....meaning it looks brandy new ladies.

Eeldrytch Black leather cincher. Brand new, worn once. Closed, totally closed off, measures 32 inches....and can expand from there. Very flattering and great for the sexy piratical look. New this is about 70 dollars (I believe, it came to more with NY state tax, but the actual cost might be less then what we paid). As I said, worn ONCE for a few hours at that. Make me a decent offer and it is yours.

Moresca Equinox Coat. Te limited Edition coat. I have number 1 of style #20... In the pics you can see the number on the inside cuff you see a 1 and 20. It is burgandy and stunning. I also have one in black, so anyone who saw me int he black one this summer knows what I am talking about. I adore this one, but will never get the chance to do what I want with it (I was going to add boning and hooks to make it a wear alone piece over a skirt or wrap pants). This was worn twice, and neither time to faire, once to faire in the car and the other to an IWG meeting in PA. Ask any wench who saw that coat, it is amazing in person. It is a size L and is roomy, witha swing to the bottom. It retailed for $250....please make me a reasonable offer as this is basically a brand new coat.

Moresca Bodice. Size XL. I wore once at the opening of Tux in 2003 and a friend wore it once in 2002. That is it, worn twice and in perfect condition. This is new at 75 bucks, but make me a reasonible offer and it is yours. I like the colors, but the bodice is simply too short for me (I have a very long abdomin). It is black, rust and tan....very nice for those who like the earthy tones.

I also have a Verona from Moresca which has a textured black bodice and a blue twill skirt and sleeves trimmed in black (It is currently at my moms place, so no pics yet). This was worn once at faire and once to my daughters haloween party at her daycare. Perfect condition. Retailed for 125, so make me a decent offer.

The link to the pictures is here


I am also trying to sell some artwork from one of my favorite catoons online called Queen of Wands....so if anyone here likes those kinds of things, let me know. Also I am getting rid of a vintage coach bag and maybe a coach cell holder for those who carry the bar type phones (It is made for carrying a nokia style bar phone) practially brand new as well in black.

Also, for any hippies in the boards, I have a bunch of brand new or slightly used handmade patchwork clothes, Including a pair of new overalls with over 120 patches (these are so beautiful they need to be seen to be appreciated) and cost about 200 dollars new. As I said they have never been worn and are all hand made.

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