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Author Topic: pirate wench  (Read 1463 times)

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pirate wench
« on: Jun 12, 01, 08:41:24 am CDT »

My spouse has decided that she wants some pirate wench garb for next season, any help or suggestions??
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pirate wench
« Reply #1 on: Jun 14, 01, 07:52:19 pm CDT »

as a pirate best pirate garb is just whatever you want to make it. jas townson has a nice pirate coat. and a nice tri corner hat. as for everything else i found a book at borders called she pirates had some nice info of lady pirates. hope that helps.
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Pirate Wench
« Reply #2 on: Oct 12, 01, 09:29:47 am CDT »

:D How fun! I'm actually planning on usuing this garb for an upcoming faire in VA this month (October 2001).

What I'm planning on doing is matching a silky red blouse, low cut--of course! with a black wool bodice.  Long red sash for a belt, and wonderful bright black and white striped bloomers.  Red or black stockings, and my boots--voila, instant pirate! :) Of course, accessories like an eye patch or Cavalier hat (complete with big feather) would add to the outfit...

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(thought I posted this...)
« Reply #3 on: Oct 28, 01, 11:35:53 am CST »

But I guess not!  My girls and I were pirates this year and we had a *total blast*!

Some advice that I can offer from going through the three costumes that we had is that the garb is basically the same.  (Skirts, bodice, chemise).  I believe the key to a pirate is in the accessories.  A cavalier's hat or a head-scarf, lots of sashes, pouches for booty, evidence of plunder (jewlery).

 A trend in the pirate scene is the black tights with boots, with one skirt on top pulled up/tucked in to show off the tights.  

Adding extra trim (like Summer, aka Dominique De'Whippe, did) to the bodice and skirt helps with the look.

Jenny (the one in the red and black in the photos) re-did all her garb, making a new bodice, chemise, bracers, etc.  Summer (in the green) didn't have enough time or money to do that, so she just modified what she had, adding accessories (like the mesh shawl around her waist).

I'm the one with the obnoxious feathered hat, the Capn'--I ended up spending about $130 on my costume (The most expensive items:  the corest, $30, the boots $30, the hat and all the fixins $30, the powder horn $18!)

For Summer faires I am planning on making a few pairs of bloomers to wear with the skirt (instead of the tights and boots) and I'm going to wear sandles with it.

Staple colors in the pirate scene are of course black and red--but there are no rules or regulations.  Just cut-throat, swashbuckling fun. :)

I'll try to track down some of the links I found when "researching" and putting together my costume.  I know that The White Pavillion has some great caviler's hat blanks and you should check out e-bay for all things pirate.  (Jenny got her boots on there for $15 and that's where I got my corest--and then added all the timmings to it!)

To see some photos, please visit:


I hope that helps.

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