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Author Topic: 7 Swords Needed for a "Cinderella Themed" Wedding  (Read 9962 times)

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7 Swords Needed for a "Cinderella Themed" Wedding
« Reply #20 on: Sep 09, 05, 05:21:19 pm CDT »

Quote from: "The 6th Rogue"
Quote from: "Curben"
 check the hanwei lines Very Good quality and the price is right, I can swing you 25% off thier list price right off the top and If he find one he wants seven of Ill gladly see what I can do further then that.

Welcome to one of Curben's stupid moments...you've so missed the point of this thread dude.  My buddy's looking for SEVEN swords for HIS WEDDING and he NEEDS TO KEEP IT CHEAP.   :roll:  These swords are going to a bunch of guys that have never been to a Ren Faire, probably never held a sword and will either toss the one they get in a closet or hang them on a wall and forget about them.  Why would my friend blow a few thousand dollars which he doesn't have to spend like that?

Not at all
You want something that can take an engraving and look nice. There are some descent peices there that would be on the price range originally mentioned or less that would be sufficient. hence the mention of hanwei, amadaruas would be likely too pricey and the denix not good enough. with the hanwei he wont be giving his boys crap but can likely afford it. Bud K Ismostly crap tho some of it looks nice and there are "some" peices of theirs i might recomend, but most . . .  not for use in a formal occasian, end esspecially if your engraving in them.

Regardless, If you go BK I have seen many of their wares and can give you an honest opinion of stability for the purpose. But key points there are thus:
Stay away from the rapiers
If the model # starts with BK . . . . move on

Curben Justic
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Re: 7 Swords Needed for a "Cinderella Themed" Wedding
« Reply #21 on: Jul 28, 06, 09:35:59 am CDT »

Might want to look at Silvermane Unlimited too, Sven can get just about anything and if you talk to him about a bulk order like that I'm sure he can cut you a deal. Don't be scared away by the prices on the website, he's the Walmart of the Renn World and won't be undersold! :)


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