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Author Topic: Here's the deal...  (Read 1967 times)

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Here's the deal...
« on: Jun 07, 01, 01:40:58 pm CDT »

Alrighty folks... I figured I'd try it this way and see how things go.  I am well aware that certain threads are more popular than others, and am willing to conceed the point... BUT... All I'm going to ask is that you use COMMON SENSE and your BETTER JUDGEMENT.  Yes... I just highlighted those words, NOT because I think people are stupid... but because WE AREN'T.

The arguement of course I am trying to stave off is the one that will be brought up because we CLOSED the word association thread.  Since there were 14 pages, I can agree that it was a popular thread. This is NOT why it was closed... It was closed because it was dying.  How you say?  Go back and read it... toward the end, there are 3 or four times, where all you have are people repeating themselves.  To me that would indicate that it was time to move on... Sue me.

So Why am I posting this?  Heres the deal... We don't WANT to lock threads in the SANDBOX, in fact, THAT is the PLACE to run rampant!  If it doesnt seem to belong anywhere else, put it there!  At the same time... dont abuse the Forum... Hey, I'll be the first to admit, I'm online ALL DAY.  Try and resist the urge to play tag... thats what the IM is for... thats what the PM's are for, thats number 1.  Here's number 2... If you see the thread dying, MOVE ON!  You want to RESTART the thread calling it Pt.2, GREAT... but start fresh.  My final one... number 3... if you have a problem with something that is being posted, CONTACT A MODERATOR.  Like I said, I'm Online from Noon-9pm... the PM's are on even when I'm not... Consider me stop #1.  I'm low man on the Board totem pole... and I'm also the best informed on most of the postings.

If there are any questions or complaints about this, Contact me via IM, PM, or AIM... My info is in the profile.

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Random- The Moulin Rogue

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Here's the deal...
« Reply #1 on: Jun 08, 01, 05:42:37 am CDT »

Woo Hoo !

Oh the other hand I'm on from 6AM to 3PM Monday thru Friday.
You can Private Message me thru this Website.

And very well stated there Random !
The Puppy
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