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Author Topic: Re: Rogue Injured In Auto Accident At GARF  (Read 1463 times)

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Re: Rogue Injured In Auto Accident At GARF
« on: Jun 02, 06, 04:56:50 am CDT »

Please note that Katie Scarlett is accepting e-mails (address included in the message) for him that she will be taking to the hospital until Saturday morning.  Jeannie/Mercie said that he is REALLY bored and in low spirits at times.  He is cheered by hearing from e-mails, and will continue to be once he gets postal mail from us.  Mecie also said that there is no (or limited) access to TV for him in ICU, and that he enjoys reading sci-fi.  Perhaps we could ask the Rogues and Wenches to pass along any spare sci fi novels that they might have?


NYRF LJ Community Page about the Sir Thomas Fund:


Text of the messsage:

The Sir Thomas Love Fund...
Below is the information on how to donate to the efforts, taken directly from merciegrahayme's LJ:

After talking with Cyndie Dayhoff, and Allie Sutherland...We have come up with several options of assisting with the Love Fund we are setting up for our dear friend "Sir Thomas"....
Cyndie Dayhoff has a PayPal account that is already set up, and has offered to use it for the collecting of funds. Those interested in sending a gift in this manner can send to cvdayhoff at hot mail dot com to get the pay pal information

(end of first post... continued below:)

The first post was not complete.. and being the dummy I am with computers... I thought it would just be easier to add or continue in new update.

Where was I??? Thanks to Cyndie we will have a pay pal account..

Those wishing to send cash or Money Orders to help can mail them to:
Jeannie Chesley
80 South First St.
Summerville, Ga. 30747

I just got off the phone with Katie And she said Thomas is still in ICU this evening... We had been told that once out of ICU he would remain in the hospital another 4-7 days.. He is doing well, but just slower then hoped..
With all this in mind and knowing that the bills will be mounting up.. yes, he has Insurance but we all know that it won't cover all the expenses... So instead of just a replaced Kilt... We thought of opening up a Love Fund for "Sir Thomas" might be a better idea..So if you are interested and would like to contribute to the fund. Please feel free to send you gifts through one of these methods.
And if you would like to send e-mail notes of well wishes to Thomas,
Katie is staying in Ga. until Saturday and will print them off and deliver them to him tomorrow!!! He is enjoying reading the love and and well wishes from so many people!! And they said it really has put a smile on his face! Thanks to you all and lets just keep sending the prayers and positive thoughts to him..

Again, a quick rundown of pertinent information:

* Any monetary gifts (not just for kilt, but for medical expenses) can be sent through one of the following means:

PayPal: E-mail Cyndie Dayhoff for her PayPal information at [email protected] (keep in mind that PayPal does charge a fee for each donation off the top, so less money will be donated to the cause than your intended donation).

Money orders (most preferred), cash, or checks (Mercie asks that you PLEASE make sure that the checks are good -- no bad checks!) can be sent to Mercie at:
Jeannie Chesley
80 South First St.
Summerville, Ga. 30747

PLEASE, feel free to send cards and letters to cheer Sir Thomas to the same address, and they will be delivered to him directly:

Thomas Johnson
(please make sure that his name is on all the cards/letters, so she knows that they are not for the Sir Thomas Love Fund)
c/o Jeannie Chesley
80 South First St.
Summerville, Ga. 30747

ALSO, PLEASE send e-mails of encouragement, love, etc. to Thomas to Katie Scarlett's e-mail. He would REALLY love to hear from as many of us as possible! She will be able to deliver them in person until Saturday, 3 June (she will be heading back to VA on that date) at the following e-mail:

[email protected]

You can read most of the information and updates on Thomas on the threads at this community (http://http://community.livejournal.com/nyrf/78393.html) or at the IWG boards at this thread: http://www.wench.org/forums/showthread.php?t=12250

Please, feel free to forward or re-post this in all the Rennie groups that you can. This effort is open to ALL, not just Wenches or people who have had the honor of meeting him.

And, as always, please continue to keep Thomas, his family, and friends in your thoughts, good wishes, and prayers...

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