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Author Topic: Re: going to this faire this year!  (Read 982 times)

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Re: going to this faire this year!
« on: Aug 09, 06, 10:28:12 am CDT »

Capricorn? He's been there the last 3 years... First in a tent across from Dra, then in a tent where the Crow's nest is now and Now next to Sandlar towards Lundegaard... I have several of his pieces. Good servicable, stage-worthy work. Think of them as the next step up from Starfire but not as cool as a Lunde piece.

We have like 15 wood pieces from Hollow Earth... They say they are indestructible and have a replacement guarantee... I've replaced 10 of them... But, I've never had them say no. Good customer service IMHO.
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