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Author Topic: Not really a recipie, but food  (Read 1310 times)

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Not really a recipie, but food
« on: Mar 17, 07, 07:58:25 am CDT »

For those of you in the Florida area, Cameron's British Foods imports all sorts of good stuff, bridies, meat pies and the like.

Cameron's British Foods Inc 928 N.E. 24th Lane, Cape Coral, FL 33909
Tel: (239) 772-1554 Fax: (239) 772-2191 Toll Free (888) 440-0154


My friend owns a specialties store here, and he gets them. They are great for whenever, breakfast, lunch, dinner. With a good thick ale. I guess you could look in your local market, or maybe they deliver or something. Anyway, it's kind of nice to have a bridie you can just toss in the oven and come back in 20 minutes.

Hope this doesn't seem like spam or anything.  ::)
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Re: Not really a recipie, but food
« Reply #1 on: Oct 30, 07, 01:53:20 pm CDT »

If a meat pie seems like Spam either they did it wrong or you got so drunk you ended up in Hawaii and didn't know it.
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