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Author Topic: Re: New machine time...  (Read 1133 times)

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Re: New machine time...
« on: Jan 08, 08, 11:11:52 am CST »

I'm familiar with Windows, OS/2, and MacOS and the change is a big one but not insurmountable. My worst adjustment was the total lack of any command-line on the Mac when I was used to almost everything being typed rather then clicked on. If you're not interested in stuff that runs differently or not at all on a Mac and can afford the extra-high pricing it's worth it but be sure to replace the meshugginah one-button mouse!

The adjustment from Windows to Mac is probably like skipping a couple of versions of Windows. I have worse problems when I go from one Public Library's computer setup to a different Library's computer setup, no two seem to do things the same way.
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