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Author Topic: Lust & Passion  (Read 3562 times)

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Lust & Passion
« on: May 06, 08, 12:06:14 pm CDT »

Lust & Passion

Bending o’er the ale mug show
Half moon crescents white as snow:
Heaving forward, in passion grow,
Wanting the touch of rogue to know,
And Lust takes her there.

Flame dances along her hair.
It waves ‘n flips in gentle flair;
Tickles, enticing him to her lair,
Where warm kisses, her lust will snare,
And Passion takes her there.

Fires dance ‘n wenches’ eyes.
Rogues’ lips whisper loving lies.
Laces loosed, and bodice flies.
Skirts uplifted ‘bove her thighs,
And Lust takes her there.

Wearing dark desires, both fair and foul,
Chiseled features peek from cowl.
Wild ‘n’ wanton wenches growl,
Fueling desires of rogues on prowl,
And Passion takes her there.
Sticks and stones canna brake me bones, but scotch takes me pain away.
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