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Author Topic: Fake Crab and Orzos  (Read 1533 times)

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Fake Crab and Orzos
« on: Jun 16, 08, 10:08:31 am CDT »

Makes a good side dish or holds up nicely as the main course:

16 Oz package of any brand of fake crab meat you prefer.  I just grab what ever's on sale.
Half a small box of Orzo noodles
either one jar of creamy alfredo sauce or (my preference) four cheese sauce

While boiling the noodles toss the fake crab meat into a big pan and heat low in the sauce of choice.
Drain the Orzos and toss in.
Turn the heat up to medium and stir until the sauce begins to bubble slightly

Remove from heat and serve.

Goes excellent with fried chicken, cast iron pan seared steak or by itself. 

Of course, if you're feeling like spending the cash you can use 16 oz of real crab leg meat.  I got the idea from loving all over a plate of lump crab meat au groten (or how ever it's spelled) at a 5 star restaurant a while back. 
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