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Author Topic: Scotch 2  (Read 5886 times)

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Re: Scotch 2
« Reply #20 on: Sep 05, 08, 04:28:32 pm CDT »

Yep. Definitely. Experiment for yourself and see what we mean.

Try just the scotch neat. Sniff and taste. It will be good.

Add two cubes of ice, Sniff and taste. It will be better.

Enjoy the rest of that glass and pour yourself another.

This time add Appie's capful of (spring/bottled/filter) water (do not use tap water) and Sniff and drink again. It will be best, depending upon the quality of your scotch.

I would describe the taste/texture of the scotch neat as "tighter" than the latter ones. With the ice or water the whisky loosens up and the flavors seem to spread much better. The ice can cut the bouquet some and you can lose some aroma and the delicate flavors.

If you add too much, obviously it waters down the flavors. It takes a while to find what you like best, but its a pretty fun experiment, especially if you do it with good friends.

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Re: Scotch 2
« Reply #21 on: Sep 05, 08, 10:07:31 pm CDT »

Augh, philistine. Adding anything other than your lips and tongue to your scotch is a mortal sin.

Why in Gawds own name would you want to add water to an already perfect elixer?  ???

A nice 15 year old Bruichladdich has been my flask filler of choice lately.
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Re: Scotch 2
« Reply #22 on: Oct 09, 10, 05:02:08 am CDT »

Best I ever had. Two cubes of ice opens it up 'verra whale, lad'

Balvenie 1952 / 50 Year old

Single Speyside Malt Scotch Whisky
This was the oldest cask in Balvenie's cellar and at fifty years old it's comfortably the oldest Balvenie ever to hit the market. The cask was filled in January 1952 and was bottled in September 2002, yielding just 83 bottles at a natural 45.1%. It is also unusual in that it is the first Balvenie to be from a single sherry cask, so obviously the flavours have a more intensely sherried edge than is normal for Balvenie, which is normally a mix of sherry and bourbon casks.

Damn, a fifty year Balvenie. That must have been incredible. I would love to get ahold  of a bottle of that.
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