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Author Topic: Haggis Lasagne  (Read 1227 times)

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Haggis Lasagne
« on: Jul 22, 09, 04:56:36 pm CDT »

Saw this on Scotland for the Senses and thought it sounded hearty.  :D  Not a very detailed receipe but those who cook, don't always measure anyway, they just mix this, shake that, add a pinch, and violá, goodness ensues.

Quote from: Scotland for the Senses

Start with a quality haggis. Simon Howie’s has several quality variations from which to choose. Of course, if you have the time and skill, by all means make your own.

The haggis is cooked according to directions (usually boiling it for 45 minutes), then cut open and layer it across the the bottom of a buttered baking dish. The haggis and lasagne are layered, along with a single layer of cut tomatoes.

A final layer of haggis and lasagne, then the whole thing is drowned in a white sauce made with butter, flour and milk. Finally, it is sprinkled with parmesan and drizzled with olive oil and baked for an hour. Ta-da:

If you haven’t realized already, I should note that as with many Scottish foods, it does feel a bit like a heart attack on a plate. Best eaten occasionally, with a big salad.

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