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Author Topic: Last weekend of 2009  (Read 2049 times)

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Last weekend of 2009
« on: Sep 18, 09, 08:08:47 pm CDT »

The season is coming to a close... OHHH NOESSSS... I ain't ready for it, but it is anyway.

This has been, as far as the cast and show go, a stellar season. The weather has sucked, but we can't control that.

The Chess matches are spectacular, the jousts are a blast. The entertainment, very so.

If you haven't been to NYRF yet, this is your last chance, so come on out and play.
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Re: Last weekend of 2009
« Reply #1 on: Sep 23, 09, 12:30:17 pm CDT »

I agree with ya on all points Macko. I enjoyed your new role as Beefeater...and getting you to actually "break" while guarding the Queen.
That was so damn much fun I couldn't stand it. You held out for a good while I gotta say...until...ROFL!!!!

This season has been fantastic!!!

**"Worked" my first full season for a booth.
**Made a few 'new' good friends and was reacquainted with some old ones!
**Was part of one of the BEST Rogueings we've had in years--Showed the 'newbies' how it's done (probably made a few of them trade in their pins for Himbo pins...heh).
    Was able to reveal myself to my Romance Wars "mark" during that as well...in my own unique fashion!!!
**Was 'Cock of the Walk' for two Rogueings (those were back to back actually)
**Involved in a few more throughout the season too.

2009 was a season to remember...

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Re: Last weekend of 2009
« Reply #2 on: Sep 23, 09, 12:32:42 pm CDT »

The rogueings were great fun...
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