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Author Topic: pirate wench garb  (Read 1558 times)

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pirate wench garb
« on: Jun 12, 01, 04:43:57 am CDT »

Good morrow!!!,
Hey my spouse just informed me that her next years garb will be that of a pirate wench. No problem really, but where to get this???
ANy help??
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« Reply #1 on: Oct 24, 01, 05:23:16 pm CDT »

Well met,

I was a pirate this season and it was the most fun!  Buying garb for pirates is just about the same as getting garb for anything else, just with a different twist.

Here are some photos of my pirate garb-

And here are some photos of my 'crew' in garb-

Summer (the girl with the scarf on her head and the green bodice) didn't have a chance to get new/make new garb for our pirate deal--so she just modified her existing garb by adding boots, trim to the bodice and a few new accessories--like the shawl around her waist.

With my garb, I was able to find most of it at thrift stores (the white shirt, the jacket with the red trim, pouches, etc.)  The hat was a 'pilgram' hat-blank that I got for $5 at a costume shop and then added tons of feathers too.

One of the big "looks" in the pirate trend is: the black tights with boots with one skirt pulled up high in the front to show off.  For summer faires I'm going to be making a pair of black and red bloomers to wear with sandles--with the skirt pulled up.

Head scarves and Cavalier's hats go a long way as well!

Check out e-bay for things like, "swashbuckler", "pirate", "bucaneer" and "wench" garb--you should come up with some goodies.

(Advertisement) Also, the pistol that I'm wearing in these photos I'm selling one just like it on e-bay here


If I can help you with finding any garb links online, please e-mail me ([email protected]).

Being a pirate is *the most fun* and she will be the toast of the shire, I'm sure. :)
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