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Author Topic: Uncle Pat  (Read 1363 times)

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Uncle Pat
« on: Mar 18, 10, 11:34:46 am CDT »

<thoward> "my uncle pat really liked his whiskey, and it became a problem in his marriage. one night around 8 pm, when uncle pat was 'tipping the elbow,' my aunt mary grabbed him by the arm and dragged him outside to a nearby hill overlooking the Old Mr. Boston distillery. she said, 'Padraig, take a good look at that distillery. They can make it faster than you can drink it.' The distillery was filled with lights and had steam and things coming out of it."

<thoward> "He said, 'Yes, but you can see I've got them working nights now.' "


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Re: Uncle Pat
« Reply #1 on: Mar 18, 10, 02:03:07 pm CDT »

Sticks and stones canna brake me bones, but scotch takes me pain away.

Lars Wodensson

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Re: Uncle Pat
« Reply #2 on: Mar 18, 10, 11:01:12 pm CDT »

The gods invented whisky so the Irish and the Scots wouldn't take over the world.
"Now they will know why they are afraid of the dark. Now they will learn why they fear the night."
-Thulsa Doom
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