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Author Topic: Looking for a few good Southern folks (men, women, barbarians ... etc)  (Read 2208 times)

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In the lands more near the coasts kissed at dawn by the warming sun, the fraternal order of Vikings, berserkers and barbarians, hereafter known as the Horde, is growing and prospering and marauding at their local faires.  The Horde is getting established to become a whole new channel of fun in its own right.  It is even planning its own event, a national gathering of the clans, as a great Allthing each year. My honorable chieftain, Orm Dansk, who is also Thegn of the Horde, wills us to spread across the land in the nomadic nature of our heritage.

Frankly, I'm jealous of the North Easterners fun and I am looking to find some like-minded Southern folk that would like to prove that we can do it bigger and better in the south. So this is a call for interested parties in the southern regions. Any southern venue that you like to attend needs a taste of the primitive.

Aside from the carousing spirit of a Maraud running through faire, this adventure should strike a cord with anyone who likes to BAAAATTTTLLLEEEE !!, compete in games of archery, storytelling, or excels at primal crafts.   Really anyone who would just like to immerse themselves in a pre-renaissance experience. We are hoping to build a whole community, similar to the world of SCA, but pre-medieval and a bit more primal, but also have faire presence too. We're not asking you give up faire, just to supplement it with a new opportunity to play in an older world.

While there are several clans to choose from, and all the folk of the Horde will be valued and respected, I am obviously partial to my own clan of the Dragons, we are more of the hearth builders and keepers of the flame of the Horde, in both a literal and figurative sense. But the current clans of the Horde include:

Dragon Weyr, Keepers of the Flame
WolfClan  Scions of the Alvani
Stag Clan - Last of the Fianna
Panther Clan
Horse Clan: Daughters of Artemis, Sons of Ares
Gryphon Clan
Fox Clan, Children of the Fire
Falcon Clan - Banu Saqr
Clan Corvid, Lawspeakers, Mystics & Skalds
Bull Clan
Boar Clan - Stubborn Defenders of Mother Earth
Bear Clan

If this sounds at all interesting, at least time a few minutes to look at http://fovbb.org.

Read the forum posts, learn about the clans and their and then once you find the culture or role you most want to play, apply to a clan for membership to join the fun.  The site can be somewhat disconcerting to if you are not used to its organization because the posts don't arrange themselves in the most logical order, at least not for me; they are reversed in chronology unless you reply directly to a post, then your reply and replies to it branch off chronologically from the post to which you replied. Confused? I was/am. For now, you should just browse the forums and the clan information sites. It will probably be overwhelming at first, but once you have read enough messages, the Recent Posts link will be the easiest way to keep up. Our MadMage, Drest, has been busily working on a new site that has a more familiar/intuitive posting order. Hopefully that is coming soon.

Long live the Dragons! Long live the Horde!!

Thor ins Digri h?t v?r?ur af inn Hammer af ?st,
Sept of the Dragon Weyr, Thegn of the Southern Dragons
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