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Author Topic: Through the Vortex  (Read 1828 times)

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Through the Vortex
« on: Oct 09, 10, 06:19:57 am CDT »

 Erik Wolfgang was sitting in the living of his apartment thinking about what he was going to now that he had been laid off of his job. The economy was down and his company began down sizing about 7 months ago. He had been with them for eleven years. He muttered to himself,

  "What the hell am I gong to do?" He decided to go visit his parents for a couple of days in up state Michigan. "Haven't been home in a few years." he said to no one but himself, and his husky, "Chip" that was laying in the hallway. "How'd you like to for a car ride Chip?" Chip perk his head up and began wagging his tail. "Yea, I know." said Erik. "You love your car rides don't you boy?" Chip barked in response. "Ok boy, lets go" Erik walked toward the door. Chip quickly followed.

  Erik and Chip got into his International Scout, which Erik had nicknamed "Buddy", and started it up. The engine roared to life and Chip yelped again. Erik pulled out onto the street and headed down toward the main road that would take him to the highway. Erik looked over at his dog, "Might as well relax ol' Chip, its a long drive." The husky just stuck his head out the window and let the air rush over him.

  It would be well after dark by the time they reached his parents house. He didnt even call to say he was coming. Erik thought he would just surprise his folks. After about 5 hours on the road, it was now quite dark. Looking at the clock, Erik saw that it was almost 10pm. There was almost no one else on the road. "This is odd." he thought. "There should be a lot more cars Chip." he said aloud. When suddenly there was an extremely bright flash, like lightning. And there in front of his scout was a weird swirling cloud of light and color. Erik tried to swerve and avoid this thing, but couldn't turn in time. Chip was growling and barking like crazy. Right into the swirling vortex they went. Flashes of light, color and unrecognizable images surround them. His hair stood on end, his whole body felt like he was being slammed with massive jolts of static electricity. His dog was now yelping and howling. It seem to last forever. Then suddenly it stopped. Erik thought they had crashed.
   It took him several minutes to regain his senses. When he finally got back to himself, he looked up and noticed it was day light out. "What the hell?" He blurted. "Must have blacked out" "Shit" As he looked around he noticed that he was also no longer on the road. In fact, he noticed he was no where near the road. His Scout was now sitting in what appeared to be some sort of garden.And when he looked to his left he saw five women approaching his vehicle. Five very attractive women. Dress in what looked like very skimpy leather armor.
   Chip was on he feet and softly growling. "It's ok boy" said Erik as he patted the husky on the head. One of the women came up next to the scout and said................
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