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Author Topic: Being a Rogue.  (Read 1497 times)

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Being a Rogue.
« on: Dec 15, 01, 06:08:14 am CST »

She came strolling down the lane
Bodice fluffed enough to drive a Rogue insane
She did bat her eyes, and even tried to cry
To lure me in and make me sigh

Across her sweet neck
I gave a short kiss, a peck
The Wench, she did purr
And said, "Oh my, Good Sir"

For hours, each others company we did keep
To that lustfull Wench, I made her weep.
Tears of pleasure and joy,
She said to me, "Hmmm, you are a tasty chew toy"

Back to her place, we did proceed
To fill one anothers insatiable needs
The Wench took care of me, and I her
Everything was so good, it seems a blur.

Well with all said and done
We both held each other after so much fun
The Wench fell fast asleep
She did not stur, or let out a peep.

Thats when I made way out
If she were awake, she would surely scream and shout
And I never wrote nor did I call,
For I am a Rogue you know, after all.......................
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Being a Rogue.
« Reply #1 on: Dec 16, 01, 03:15:12 pm CST »

Touche, good Sir!
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