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Title: Honor
Post by: Gideon on Mar 05, 03, 07:03:16 pm CST
The trumpets sound
Clang of armor over metal
Polishing and honing of death's blade
Night the field the crest stands on
Sweat building, building the fire of rage
Strength and honor

The golden fields of Valhalah becon the righteous
Valour stained by crimson
Flowing over the living
Carressing the dead
Pooling beneath the warrior feet
Caking boots with mud

Can you hear the trumpets call?

Drawing you in
Stirring the blood
Turning the mind, blind
Building the frenzy

The battle cry
Release the hounds
Let them suckle on the dying
Feeding on my enemies
Feasting, reveling in the carnage

Returning the lost honor of the centuries
Families avenged
Colors restored
Power returned