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Title: Closet Cleaning sale or Christmas Prezzies for a wench?
Post by: Muffin McFeelie on Dec 13, 04, 10:39:47 am CST
I have a bunch of garb and such I will be selling very soon, most of it has been worn 5 times at most for any piece.....

I am willing to take offers, and remember, these are in perfect to almost perfect condition...

I will post a more complete list as time goes one, but for anyone who wants anything now, let me know....

Moresca Verona dress worn three times at most! Blue fabric with a black bodice. I believe it is a l or xl and it is long. It is in perfect condition originally 110 dollars

Moresca steel boned cotton worn twice by me and once by another....nothing wrong with it at all...colors are black brown and rust (I believe, I have to pull it out of the lugs to see). originally 75 dollars...size xl

Moresca burgandy equinox coat.....this is the limited ed coat they have been selling out of left and right....size L, but it is huge! I love it and mine is numbered in the cuff (as they are supposed to be) worn a few times and is 250 dollars originally....I love it, but have other more pressing needs right now...

Wolfstone plaid skirt and chicher/ is a bit higher then a cincher, but shorter then a corset....worn about 5-7 times and I have never recieved more compliments then when I wear this or my equinox coats. They are a size 12 and 14 respectivly, but I am an 18-20 and wear it, it wears well for most larger sized girls and is a nice heavy plaid material. As I said it is made by Wolfstone in MDRF and I bought it there three years ago, but have not rotated it into my wear as much as I wanted recently, so I am willing to part with it. This one os hard because there are others like it, but very few and it is simply striking.
I think we paid about 275 dollars when we got it at MDRF and it is in perfect condition! I am sad by parting with this, but anyone who has ever seen me in it will attest to its beauty and quality...

House of Dra silk wrap pants one size fits most. This is made in that signature soft brushed silk Dra sells. Worn a few times, and loved so much, but the last time I wore them was under a skirt to keep me warm, and as other garb, just does not make it out into play as much as I liked...I think these were 110 or 150 new from Dra....these are in a beautiful soft black (goes so well witht he next item)

Eeldrytch Cincher Black....this cincher is a larger one, but the larger one fits medium sized laces out or in and is simple and striking. worn a few times and looks brand new. I think we paid about 70 dollars for it at NYRF

Ok that is all for now, if you want pics, let me know, if you want something, make an offer......

I need to sell this stuff, I need books next semester and some other expenses may be coming up FAST, so please feel free to PM me with an offer, or IM am at AIM as stella420blue or muffinmcfeelie


Title: Closet Cleaning sale or Christmas Prezzies for a wench?
Post by: allenlorick on Dec 13, 04, 11:27:44 am CST
Ok, given that these are women's colthes, and that I am not in much practice of purchasing such things...can I assume that an XL is about the same size as one of my XL shirts?  Or is a woman's XL the same as a man's L?   Or...?
Title: Closet Cleaning sale or Christmas Prezzies for a wench?
Post by: Muffin McFeelie on Dec 13, 04, 07:07:11 pm CST
womans xl is fitted, but I do not wear a woman l shirt, I wear xl shirts as well!

so I wear xl garb and xl shirt if that helps