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Title: C'mon Rogues!
Post by: WearyKnight on Jun 05, 01, 10:30:00 pm CDT
C'mon lads!! (and lassies) Some of you have to have SOME stuff you've grown away from, grown out of, or for lucky few, grown too small for...many of us new faire folk need your old stuff!  So post some of it and lets see what happens.
Title: C'mon Rogues!
Post by: johnians on Jun 06, 01, 02:43:43 pm CDT
I don't know about that. everytime i look at my stuff, there doesn't seem to be enough and what i would get rid of no one would want. trust me on that!
Title: C'mon Rogues!
Post by: Trask on Jun 16, 01, 10:42:40 am CDT

One of the things that Clan McArgh and some of the other locals for MDRF have done is start a loaner garb locker. In addition to hand-me-down garb, we've also made "extra" during a Stytch-n-bytch to add to the lockers.  Folks bring their extra fabric and we make garb outta it.

   For many of us, making garb is a frell of a lot cheaper than buying it. For men, trews, shirts & jerkins are easy to do. For the ladies, chemises and skirts are pretty simple too. Bodices are a fair bit of work but so are doublets.

   Keep an eye out for a SnB in your area and join in.  For ours we try to keep it to 1 non-sewer to every 2 sewers.  If you can trace, pin, cut and/or iron, they'll normally be happy to have you join in.

Title: C'mon Rogues!
Post by: WearyKnight on Jun 17, 01, 09:51:40 am CDT
OutStanding! The one thing my betrothed and I have seen is how helpful and giving the Rennies are.  We plan to start sewing our own stuff as well, after the wedding of course.  Now, how do you make this sewing machine work???
Title: C'mon Rogues!
Post by: Tobin-Ru on Jun 17, 01, 07:12:46 pm CDT
We definitely need one around KCRF....Actually, in Arkansas...............LOL
Title: C'mon Rogues!
Post by: biker on Jun 21, 01, 07:07:11 am CDT
I agree with that,tobin,
Anyone in south cali what to do this?
Title: C'mon Rogues!
Post by: KenderMom on Oct 08, 01, 02:25:51 pm CDT
I am starting up a clothing business (Hodge Podge Clothing, Costume & Gifts) as soon as I relocate that way, Tobin Ru...  Magnus has already asked for a set of hire swords...
Tell me what you need...  I never charge fiends, I mean friends full price.  Or we can trade on it or something...
Title: C'mon Rogues!
Post by: WearyKnight on Oct 08, 01, 06:11:46 pm CDT
Hmmmm, Knives for Doublets?  I knew my "talents" could be bartered away.....:0
Title: C'mon Rogues!
Post by: Kurgus on Nov 13, 01, 05:50:14 am CST
Sorry Lad,

  Though I have been attending Faire for a while now, I do not have any old stuff to give away. I still use all my old stuff, for I am a POOR BROKE Rogue. But  if I do come across anything I will let you know.