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Title: Knights Of Mayhem
Post by: noJ on Nov 16, 11, 09:48:10 am CST
Anyone watch last night?
How can this guy have contempt for the renfaire community and staged jousting, without which he would be nothing? I don't doubt his skill as a jouster, but acting like a complete douche in the first minute of the show was just the tip of the iceberg.
The guys following him and believing in him are idiots! They were willing to do a real tournament with little training. One guy couldn't even ride a horse and Charlie was ready to put them in the real thing, probably to make himself look better and bolster his "World Champion" status. He will seek fame at their expense!
What's he a champion of anyway? Beating his own people?
I kinda like the Black Knight. He didn't bitch and complain like Charlie did. All he wants is to teach Charlie a lesson and probably has the best chance to do it.
I also came across this interesting bit of info about Charlie's claims of being a Navy SEAL: (
scroll down to Andrews, Charles (about half way down)
No honor and no humility
Title: Re: Knights Of Mayhem
Post by: The Instigator on Nov 16, 11, 10:18:53 pm CST
ugh... that just burns me... people who lie about that stuff should be very publicly shamed... like a week of 5 o'clock news headline story shaming...
Title: Re: Knights Of Mayhem
Post by: The 6th Rogue on Nov 17, 11, 08:21:30 am CST
Probably because he's an asshat.