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Title: NYRF?
Post by: Hawkin on Aug 30, 12, 01:05:13 pm CDT
In light of Dmitri stepping down as the Wolf of the IBRSC a couple of years back and putting the guild in the hands of the members on site... I have to ask... Who is the site liaison at NYRF?
Title: Re: NYRF?
Post by: noJ on Sep 03, 12, 08:04:31 am CDT
Good question! I say Dmitri by default unless I missed who was officially named.
Title: Re: NYRF?
Post by: Madmage on Sep 04, 12, 06:05:44 pm CDT
I'm your wolf, friends.
Title: Re: NYRF?
Post by: noJ on Sep 04, 12, 08:25:38 pm CDT
All hail Madmage, salute! (
Title: Re: NYRF?
Post by: Madmage on Sep 04, 12, 08:40:28 pm CDT
All hail Madmage, salute! (

lol if i didnt have CRS, I would totally salute you like that next time i see ya. :D
Title: Re: NYRF?
Post by: Raith Kell on Sep 28, 15, 11:47:53 am CDT
Not repeating I'll copy/paste my FB post:

[FB version can be found here: (

To those of us that live in that "gray area" between chivalry and misogyny. To the kiss stealin', rose dealin', debaucherous NYRF crew of good lookin' Rogues (well at least some of us anyway)...I say to you Hello!
Just wanted to come by and offer greetings and introductions to all of you in this group. But first I must say thank you to Lars, Madmage, and Dmitri for having my back and "trusting" handing me the keys to this Insane Asylum.

I was just looking to help Madmage out a bit, this year and going forward, with the Guild, since he's a bit squashed (more than pressed) for time lately, to really have a "working" presence here.

Being one of the more accessible and experienced Rogues on site over the past 7+ years...and pinned for 15 (that was not tied down to a booth and needed to focus on their jobs and not having to referee and/or babysit the "Roguelings"... and some of the old Drama as well), a lot of NYRF Rouges would come to me for Guild things (setting up a Rogueing, Guild info, the things we do, etc.) ...I thought maybe it was about time to get some sort of Official Title, especially if I was gonna be helping Brock "oversee" all of you miscreants of Ren Faire. So I mentioned it to Dmitri  and Madmage and they were cool with it and brought it to Lars.

About a 5-minute casual conversation in regards to this " assisting Madmage title", Lars says to me, "I do not want a Int'l/National Wolf anymore, we need an Alpha for NY...You're Hired" as he walked away with his video camera rig to go capture some magic, the way only he can, somewhere on grounds. That was it. I stood there for a moment and I passed on the info to Anastasia (who didn't hear it due to a customer at the time in the Guild Hall)

I did not expect to be named "Alpha of NYRF".  :)

So anyway...yes, I am the Alpha Rogue of your NYRF and I'm here to make sure all goes smoothly within the Guild on the NY Site.
_________________________________________________ _____

Please remember one major thing...

While this is an enormously fun Guild we all have enjoyed for many years...this is still a Lundegaard business. I will make 100% sure that nothing will happen that can harm his name/reputation on my watch. EVER! As long as we're all clear on that...enjoy yourselves and your Rogueish ways, however you may portray them at Faire.

Do not do the dumb,
Vidi, Vici, Veni...