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Title: Mercenaries
Post by: Curben on Dec 14, 03, 11:53:57 pm CST
Have some neighbors that blow their leaves on your lawn?

Has a local gang been terrorizing your schools?

where you just turned down for that big raise?

Or any other situation that that just make you feel the need for excessive force?

Than you need your very own band of


Fire Orks

Gauranteed to maim terrorize and cause general havok or your money back!

Call today

1 (800)  FIRE ORK
Title: Mercenaries
Post by: Entropy on Dec 15, 03, 12:16:37 am CST
Yes, that's 1 800 FIRE ORK, 1 800 347 3675

Title: Mercenaries
Post by: LadyRedMacNaughty on Dec 15, 03, 02:57:33 pm CST

that rocks....... :twisted:
Title: Mercenaries
Post by: Curben on Dec 15, 03, 08:19:57 pm CST
i actually went there to see about this

I wanted to ask if i can see each individual orks resume, or did i have to just get a band. am i renting or are there orks for sale

Alas, they where closed when i drove by

and Entropy, i was about to figure out what the letters equaled but got lazy, way to go
Title: Mercenaries
Post by: MorganDesdichado on Dec 30, 03, 10:22:41 am CST
Sic'em on my bosses and the local church goers. ::fdevil::
Title: Mercenaries
Post by: Admiral_DeSuave_Cristo on Jan 04, 04, 08:16:53 pm CST
This is hullarious...where is this sign located?
Title: Mercenaries
Post by: Curben on Jan 05, 04, 04:24:29 am CST
south of Milwaukee right off I-94, Its also quite near the bristol Faire