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Author Topic: I saw the first robins of spring....  (Read 1987 times)

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I saw the first robins of spring....
« on: Feb 05, 04, 09:38:05 pm CST »

I saw the first robins of spring today.  It came as a surprise to me, as it always does this time of year.  There was a beautiful gathering of red breasted beasts in the back yard, all looking for food.  You have to wonder about the resolve of an animal that decides to brave the cold and come back home early.  Do you suppose that they actually get the worm?  
Today is Groundhog Day…how appropriate that I have felt the influence of two different animals today to help me prognosticate the weather.  At the present moment, I am teetering on the anxiousness of if that little ground hog actually saw it’s shadow…I am giddy on the inside of my being about the start of spring this year.  So much has influenced me in this dark of winter.  So much has grown within me over the deep indigo nights of this cold and grey season.  I am bursting like the very buds on the trees now to begin anew…not just anew, but different somehow.  Bolder, more passionate, more me.  It is amazing to me that just when I thought that I knew it all, that I had to live with the struggle  of black and white, of good and evil and all the gregarious grey matter in between, a rebirth has happened inside of me.  Where O where will this lead me to?  I set off this year on a new adventure.  The gypsy blood in me is boiling over and keeping me warm with silent and secret anticipation.  I am ready.
As I sit here and fantasize about my rebirth, I have just received news of a startling nature.  A life has been snuffed out.  Gone, emptied the world of its unique presence, the after affect of a candle blown out.  The smoke rises away and just for a brief moment, there is a hint of all that the flame once was, now only in shadow form.  The great circle of life…of the seasons…of the animals instincts…of the cycle of life and death.  Now more than ever I feel the need to seize the day, to live and not let a moment be taken from me.  What can I do about the inevitable?  How can I continue on in this world of pain and despair?  The one thing that keeps pulling at me on the inside that keeps whispering to me is to really live….Take deep breaths…listen to my heartbeat…quiet my frenzied, technology driven, alcohol impaired, task mastered, and constant buzzing sound mind.  There is life out there in every little corner of the world.  There also is death and evil.  It is up to us to become more that we ever thought that we could…more than we are capable of…more than our parents are, or for me…were.
The robins have come back.  They are singing amidst the broken trees and recessed grass.  They are huddled together for warmth and foraging for food.  They have continued…gone on…completed the circle by coming back to where they left last year.   Earlier than the others, even.  Is this the secret?  I do not know, nor do I profess to have any answers.  What I have learned today is a precious lesson of one day at a time…of rebirth and death…of hope when the long dark winter season has shrouded me in a blanked of grey complacency.  Did the ground hog see its shadow today?  I guess the better question is…Does it matter?

February 2, 2004 2:40 PM
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